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Lino: Page and Activist

Adapted from, “Indigenous Justice or Padre Killers? Lino, Fausta, and the Assassination of Padre Quintana” by Martin Rizzo-Martinez in Santa Cruz County History Journal, Number 8.

Lino’s family belonged to the Chaloctaca tribe, an Indigenous people of the Santa Cruz Mountain area. Lino was born in 1793, two months after the founding of Mission Santa Cruz, where he would live most of his life. Then, tensions between the Indigenous population and missionaries escalated to violence. From a young age Lino was a page to Padre Quintana, the Mission’s spiritual leader, known for his abusive treatment of Lino’s community. Lino played an important role through his duties to the Padre and the community. He served as witness to thirty-three weddings, and was named godfather in two baptisms. A young man of 19, Lino understood the abusive Padre was failing the community. An assassination plot was put into motion to protect the community from further violence. Lino was convicted for his role and imprisoned. He did not survive imprisonment at the Presidio of Santa Bárbara in 1817.

Historic handwritten document

Mission Santa Cruz Marriage Entry Records
26 April 1806
Archdiocese of Monterey

Marriages at Mission Santa Cruz were recorded in Spanish by the officiant. The names of the married couple and their marriage record number are on the left. Lino, along with Felipe, Hilario, and Zeferino, witnessed weddings listed as 388-407. All twenty weddings occurred on the same day.

Mission Santa Cruz Baptismal Entry Records
20 April 1811
Archdiocese of Monterey
Historic handwritten document

“En 20 días del mes de Abril 1811, en la iglesia de esta misión de Santa Cruz bautice solemnemente a una niña nacida el mismo dia, hija legítima de los neófitos Poleo y Simona contenidos en el Libro de Baut. [Bautismo] part. [partidos] 1257 y 1007. Pusele por nombre Lina. Fue en Padrino Lino page del Padre Quintana al que adverti su obligaciones parentesco espiritual. Para que consto lo firme. Padre Antonio Rodriguez” “On day 20 of the month of April, in the church of the mission of Santa Cruz I solemnly baptize a girl born on the same day, the legitimate child of the neophytes Poleo and Simona contained in the Book of Baptism parts 1257 and 1007. I give her the name Lina. Godfather Lino page of Father Quintana has been noted as the one who will take on the obligations as spiritual parent. For this I sign it. Father Antonio Rodriquez.”

Historic handwritten document

Mission Santa Cruz Baptismal Entry Records
26 August 1812
Archdiocese of Monterey

Despite his objections to Father Quintana’s role as the spiritual leader, Lino continued as his page and as a witness to sacraments. The re-marriage of Timoteo and Savina was the last marriage that Father Quintana officiated before his assassination two months later.

Lino: Page & Activist
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