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Oscar Corcoles: Community Programmer
A smiling Oscar Corcoles stands in a graduation gown and cap holding a baby in his arms at his chest and in front of a colorful horizontal lined fabric.

Oscar Corcoles grew up in Live Oak and was born in Santa Cruz in 1995. Growing up Chinacanx in Santa Cruz, Oscar found community with his family and peers. He enjoyed playing soccer as a child. Motivated to do well in school, as Oscar grew older, he felt efforts to support Latinx student success were deeply flawed. He navigated his way through high school and into a four year university to become a first generation college graduate. Oscar saw how complicated it can be for young first-generation Latinx students to best prepare themselves for college while in high school. Oscar uses his experience to help others. He is the creator of, an open and accessible portal for young Latinx students to find resources and guides for transitioning from high school to four-year universities. Oscar serves the youth of Santa Cruz while also serving the community by managing housing programs for homeless families.

Oscar Corcoles of Live Oak receives his B.A. in Sociology at the University of California Merced in 2017. He earned a Masters degree in Education in 2020.

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