Queer Santa Cruz: Stories of the LGBTQ+ Community in Santa Cruz County

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Publications were key to communications in the decades before the internet. Rubyfruit Readher, established in 1976, and the Lavender Reader, established in 1987, along with Matrix, LaGazette and the Manifesto informed the community of events and issues. In 1980 UCSC’s KZSC established “Closet Free Radio,” the longest running LGBTQ+ radio station in the nation.


This may just be the publication we’ve all been waiting for. Hopefully, with your cooperation, the Rubyfruit Readher will provide a forum for the exchange of information and resources, the sharing of personal and political life experiences, a much needed literary outlet, and a place for a lesbian perspective on current events.

Rubyfruit Readher, Volume 1, Issue 1 February 14, 1976

Beach Volleyball Scene
La Gazette feminist publication cover, 1992.
Lavender Reader 'An Opening Word' page, 1986.
Manifesto publication cover, April 2003.
Matrix Women's Newsmagazine cover, April 1986.